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    Total Lockdown: Cybersecurity Redefined

    There are so many ways that SessionGuardian helps reduce the risk of information disclosures on an upcoming project. Recently, SessionGuardian's Jordan Ellington had an opportunity to converse with a customer (at a firm that’s ranked in the Am Law 50), and they touched on the most pressing concerns raised with specific product features.


    Customer: How do we make sure that sensitive documents are viewed only at the firm and not at home or in a Starbucks?

    SessionGuardian: We can implement IP locking to ensure that a secure session is initiated only in a certain location.


    Customer: What if the user accesses the firm’s network via VPN so it appears as if they are in the office even if they’re not?  Wouldn’t that bypass the concept of IP locking?

    SessionGuardian: We can implement a software blacklist to include VPN software to prevent a secure session from beginning if a VPN client is started.


    Customer: Can a user share their credentials with someone else?

    SessionGuardian: No, SessionGuardian can be locked down to a single user’s PC, preventing credential sharing.


    Customer: What if a user logs another user into their PC? 

    SessionGuardian: We can enable ongoing user verification with the PC’s webcam and prevent an unauthorized user from using a shared login credential with the authorized user.


    Customer: Can users print, save, screenshot or otherwise share information with others?

    SessionGuardian: SessionGuardian can intercept any form of screenshots, screen-sharing (WebEx) and automatically replace the protected content with a black redaction.  Also, a watermark can be configured to display across a user’s screen to discourage pictures taken of the screen.


    Customer: What if a user is running a virtual machine (VM) and taking a screenshot of the host?  Would that bypass SessionGuardian's screenshot protection?

    SessionGuardian: SessionGuardian has an optional setting to prevent program execution in a virtual machine to prevent users from circumventing screenshot/screenshare protections.


    By the end of this conversation, the customer was satisfied. Adding SessionGuardian's security layer to the project decreases the risks of information disclosure.  Another good day in SessionGuardian world.

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