SessionGuardian provides Zero Trust through Continuous Identity Verification to protect against data breaches.

    The White House’s Executive Order1 on improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity states by 2024, 100% of government agencies must adopt a Zero Trust Architecture and invest in technology to match these modernization goals. Let SessionGuardian’s Continuous Identity Verification help you achieve Zero Trust Architecture.

    Zero Trust cybersecurity that protects against data breaches

    SessionGuardian’s Continuous Identity Verification software takes a zero-trust approach to cybersecurity, creating a new standard that ensures you have total control over who’s accessing your data. Our non-invasive security solution provides second-by-second identity verification to preempt unauthorized users and devices before they impact your government organizations.

    Our technology helps you retain the privacy and integrity of your data, your users, and your agency by addressing the gaps in traditional cybersecurity solutions. Integrate our software seamlessly with your existing security protocols and gain the ultimate confidence that your data and your remote workforce are protected against today's security threats.

    Protect your data’s integrity in a work-from-anywhere world

    Trust, but continuously verify the person accessing regulated data 

    with second-by-second continuous identity verification

    Know each remote user is complying with your select 

    security protocols from log on to log off

    Provide a non-invasive security solution

    — no stored data, no recording, no monitoring, no spying, and no keystroke logging on local machines.

    Mitigate insider threats with unmatched protection

    that ensures authenticated eyes only are looking at your data

    Get ahead of the White House’s Executive Order

    and achieve Zero Trust

    Enhance your

    regulatory compliance posture

    Go beyond traditional MFA.

    SessionGuardian’s AI-powered facial and object identification continuously validates the authorized user, unlike traditional MFA that simply authenticates the user at login through a knowledge factor, possession factor, or inherence factor.

    Equip your government organization with the only technology that provides continuous identity verification while protecting your users’ privacy and integrity—from log on to log off.




    Protect your organization with continuous facial authentication

    SessionGuardian VDI: Achieve Zero Trust cybersecurity by securing your organization’s VDI/DaaS environments with SG VDI. 

    SessionGuardian Web: Achieve Zero Trust cybersecurity across your ecosystem of web-based applications by launching Web.

    The top three benefits of Zero Trust cybersecurity

    Zero Trust utilizes the principle of least privilege to ensure that access is given based on the unique functions of an individual’s role in a system. Benefits include:

    • Less network overhead.

    • Better management and user experience.

    • Enhanced logging and monitoring. 

    Read more about Zero Trust Architecture and SessionGuardian's preemptive security solution, read our article.


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