The new standard for access control and authorization is Continuous Identity Verification. Learn what it means: Download the eBook now.

    Ensure total control over who is accessing your documents

    Go beyond one-time passcodes and MFA with continuous biometric authentication for legal service providers and law firms.

    Source Code Review

    Know exactly when and where your source code is being accessed. Every interaction with your intellectual property is carefully documented for your records. Protect your intellectual property and ensure your source code is viewed by authenticated eyes only.

    Secure Document Review

    Share documents freely within hyper-controlled infrastructure. Securely collect, review, and exchange information among internal stakeholders and opposing counsels—no matter where you are in the world. Ensure document review happens between authorized eyes only.

    Protect Your Client’s Sensitive Data Against Breach Risks

    According to the American Bar Association, one in four law firms have experienced at least one data breach.1 Mitigate breach, legal, and reputational risk by blocking threats at the human endpoint. The new standard of care in the legal industry, SessionGuardian uses biometric authentication technology to continuously verify your on-site and remote workers.

    Ensure your entire legal workforce—including third-party partners—are proactively and continuously verified in real time while accessing regulated data and documents.


    The average total cost of a data breach in the legal industry is $4.65 million.2

    Safeguard Documents from Remote-Work and Third-Party Risks

    Know each remote user is complying with your select 

    security protocols from log on to log off.

    Prevent the accidental (or purposeful) transfer 

    of private data outside of the virtual environment to the local computer.

    Demonstrate compliance through text-based logs

    that run the duration of user sessions and help you pass your audits.

    Disable the ability to take screenshots, print screens, or screen share

    information from outside of the app.

    Create matter-specific infrastructure with emails, apps, and storage that protects

    your critical data assets while limiting disruption of your daily operations.

    Restrict user access from unauthorized locations

    and demonstrate that your user logged in from that location.

    Protect the Privacy of Sensitive Client Data

    How are you adapting to mitigate data theft in a changing legal landscape?

    Maintain the integrity of client documents and meet compliance regulations and organizational priorities no matter where your team works or completes eDiscovery. SessionGuardian extends outside your on-site security perimeter, and it is the only solution that continuously authenticates users who work on-site or remotely on client matter-specific information.

    SessionGuardian offers a safer way for law firms to handle eDiscovery security.

    Data Breach

    Avoid legal penalties caused by data breaches.


    Avoid downtime and loss of billable hours.

    Legal Penalties

    Avoid significant business disruption or loss due to a breach.

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