SessionGuardian Mobile secures data access on tablet and smart phone devices with continuous identity assurance and protection services

Our solution continuously protects user access and data on mobile devices.

Session Guardian Mobile


The benefits you can expect with SessionGuardian Mobile

Mitigate the risk of data loss

Prevent screen sharing, screen capture, print and file download. Prevent shoulder surfing by locking screen when an unauthorized user is detected. Display data only when authorized user is present in front of device.

Extend enterprise security controls to mobile devices

Enable continuous identity assurance using facial authentication to prevent unauthorized access and shoulder surfing. Implement data protection by preventing screen sharing, screen capture, print and file download.

Securely access sensitive data from mobile devices

Quickly deploy the lightweight mobile app and within minutes access highly sensitive data on the mobile device without risking data loss or compromising the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

Reduce deployment times and infrastructure costs

Rapidly deploy comprehensive security capabilities onto end-user mobile devices without expensive upgrades to existing infrastructure and applications.


SessionGuardian Mobile features

Display data only when the authorized user is present

Via continuous identity assurance

Identity Proofing

To verify user identity before granting access to regulated, privileged, or sensitive data

Prevent screenshots and screen sharing

To curb insider threats

Blocks the screen

When unauthorized users are present to prevent “shoulder surfing”

Blocks the screen

When the authorized user is not present


SessionGuardian user workflow

  1. User opens SessionGuardian Mobile on their device and starts a secure session
  2. User allowed access only to protected web applications
  3. Data accessed within web applications is protected from unauthorized viewing or capture


Protect your workforce and data from anywhere and everywhere

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