SessionGuardian Desktop secures access to a Windows device with continuous identity assurance and protection

Our desktop solution continuously protects user access to the Windows device by preventing unauthorized viewing or data capture by mobile phones or cameras

Session Guardian Desktop


The benefits you can expect with SessionGuardian Desktop

Mitigate the risk of data loss

Prevent unauthorized access and viewing of sensitive data on the user device. Detect the use of mobile phones and cameras to take a photo of the screen and block all of the screens attached to the device. Display watermarks across all of the screens to discourage users from taking a photo of the screen.

Extend enterprise security controls to home-office and third party environments

Ensure device posture meets enterprise security requirements and device is being used from appropriate networks and locations. Deploy additional security controls on to third-party and employee BYOD devices, such as continuous identity assurance to prevent shoulder surfing, credential sharing, and credential hacking.

Fill the gaps left behind by other security tools

Enable continuous identity assurance to ensure only authorized user can access device and must be present. Prevent the use of mobile phones and cameras to take photo of screen. Detect when required security software such as anti-malware software is disabled.

Ensure user and data privacy

Implement continuous identity assurance in a BIPA and GDPR-certified compliant manner by ensuring that any biometric data is not stored or collected.


SessionGuardian Desktop features

Display data only when the authorized user is present

Via continuous identity assurance

Identity Proofing

To verify user identity before granting access to regulated, privileged, or sensitive data

Blocks the screen

When the authorized user is not present

Detect Mobile Phones

Detects use of mobile phones or cameras to take photo of screen

Blocks the screen

When unauthorized users are present to prevent “shoulder surfing”


SessionGuardian user workflow

  1. User authenticates into their Windows Device that is protected by SessionGuardian Desktop and device posture is confirmed
  2. User is authenticated and granted further access by SessionGuardian using continuous recognition
  3. User is granted access to the device as long they are present, no unauthorized user is present and no attempts 


Protect your workforce and data from anywhere and everywhere

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