Continuously ensure true user identity and prevent data loss

In the Healthcare sector, protecting patient data is key across all transactions to maintain patient trust and to meet regulations regarding patient data confidentiality, such as HIPAA. Unfortunately, this trust is being dismantled by external forces.

User identity and prevent data loss service in NY


Ensure the privacy of sensitive patient data

While healthcare organizations have made strides in managing identities, controlling privileged access, and implementing multi-factor authentication, significant gaps still persist in identity verification.

Once access is granted, there are virtually no controls to ensure that the user is present or prevent shoulder-surfing, screen sharing, screenshots, and photos of screen.

Continuous identity assurance is the best solution to prevent account takeover in real-time and mitigate the risk of data loss.

That is why we created our Continuous Identity Assurance and Protection solution, which continuously verifies and validates true user identity throughout their session and eliminates your data loss gaps without interrupting business workflows.


Safeguard patient data when accessed by providers, third-parties and remote employees

Protect Patient Data

Prevent screenshare, screen shot, screen capture, photo of screen, print and file download capabilities across all environments.

Continuously Authenticate User Access

Use facial authentication and liveness detection to ensure that the authorized user is present throughout the session and no unauthorized users are shoulder surfing.

Check Device Posture and Environment

Ensure device security, known networks (IP/VPN restrictions), geolocation of users; and enable required/restricted application control.

Protect User and Data Privacy

Perform continuous identify assurance in a BIPA and GDPR-certified compliant manner by not storing or transmitting biometric data.