Meet the world’s most secure browser application that protects your data and your privacy
    in compliance with GDPR.

    SessionGuardian Web is a solution supported by Continuous Identity Verification software that allows access to only vetted endpoints and reduces risk of data theft.
    SGbrowser__Cloud Deployment
    Allow access to vetted endpoints

    Web connects to secure proxy servers and grants your select users access to your whitelisted websites and applications.

    Ensure total control over who’s accessing your data

    Beyond granting users access to Web, every connection is supported by Continuous Identity Verification technology that provides second-by-second user authentication.

    Install seamlessly, launch instantly

    Easy-to-install browser application that serves as a secure entryway for your ecosystem of web applications without the need to connect to a virtual environment.

    Secured accessibility from anywhere

    No matter where your distributed team or clients work, each user can complete critical day-to-day tasks within Web without risking data loss.

    Mitigate the human risk factors and browser security issues that put your data at risk.

    Displays data only when the authorized user is present

    via second-by-second identity verification

    Provides third-party identity verification

    to verify identity and allow access to highly regulated sites like the IRS

    Prevents screenshots and screen sharing

    to curb insider threats

    Detects mobile phones

    in the workspace with smartphone recognition software

    Whitelists web-based applications

    that are a part of approved security parameters

    Uses geolocation to ensure the right person is at the right location

    for proactive verification purposes and to demonstrate during an audit

    Blurs the screen

    when a second party is present to prevent "shoulder surfing"

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