Your outsourced team wants to offer hybrid work options. What protections can you put in place? Download the eBook now.

    Secure your sensitive data. Safeguard remote work. Protect against financial data breaches.

    The global financial industry is 300 times more likely1 to experience a cyberattack. These attacks happen when your people and your critical assets are left unsecured. Let SessionGuardian’s Continuous Identity Verification protect you from internal financial data breaches.

    Software that Protects Against Financial Data Breaches

    SessionGuardian’s Continuous Identity Verification software integrates seamlessly with your existing security protocols. Our technology provides second-by-second identity verification to preempt unauthorized users and devices before they impact your organization.

    Our software takes a zero-trust approach to cybersecurity, creating a new standard that ensures you have total control over who’s accessing your data. We give you the ultimate confidence that your data, your workforce, and your clients are protected against today's financial security threats.

    The average financial services employee has access to over 11 million files.2

    Protect Your Data in a Work-from-Anywhere World

    Trust, but continuously verify the person accessing regulated data 

    with second-by-second continuous identity verification

    Know each remote user is complying with your select 

    security protocols from log on to log off

    Help employees be productive and follow policies

    without sacrificing privacy

    Mitigate insider threats with unmatched protection

    that ensures authenticated eyes only are looking at your data

    Avoid costly outcomes 

    due to damaged reputation

    Enhance forensic capabilities

    and strengthen your regulatory compliance

    Secure Your Financial Data

    SessionGuardian’s AI-powered facial and object identification continuously validate that only authorized users can access sensitive data. Protect against financial data breaches in real-time while protecting employee privacy.

    SessionGuardian does not record or transmit video or audio—the only data transmitted and stored is a log to ensure you’re audit-ready at all times.

    Equip your financial services organization with the only technology that provides continuous identity verification while protecting your users’ privacy—from log on to log off.

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    Four Reasons Why The Global Financial Industry is Targeted by Cybercriminals

    The average cost of a financial data breach is $5.7 million3. What are the top reasons financial institutions are vulnerable to cyberattacks? One: financial industry cyberattacks create millions of dollars in collateral damage. Two: the quantity of transactions creates more breach opportunities. Three: an interconnected industry entices cybercriminals. Four: a track record of successful cyberattacks leading to reputational damage because of successful data breaches.


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