Enhance Financial Services Security Protocols 

    Extend physical security controls to your hybrid financial services organization with SessionGuardian’s secure and isolated identity access controls that span VDI and web workspaces.

    Why SessionGuardian for Financial Services

    The global financial industry is 300 times1 more likely to experience a cyberattack. Financial data has an extremely high value, making financial services organizations and banks prime targets for cyberattacks. These attacks happen when your people and your critical assets are left unsecured.

    Reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the data by limiting access to only known personnel on approved devices and approved locations, thus extending physical security controls to the hybrid working environment. Let SessionGuardian protect you from internal financial data breaches.


    1. https://info.varonis.com/hubfs/docs/research_reports/2021-Financial-Data-Risk-Report.pdf 

    Software That Protects Against Financial Data Breaches

    The need to protect both the individual and data, especially in a hybrid working environment, has never been more critical. SessionGuardian ensures that only authorized users on an authorized device from an authorized location can access a VDI or URL via the SessionGuardian VDI and SessionGuardian Web.

    Our software takes a zero-trust approach to cybersecurity, creating a new standard that ensures you have total control over who’s accessing your data. We give you the ultimate confidence that your data, your workforce, and your clients are protected against today's financial security threats. 

    The average financial services employee has access to over 11 million files.2

    Protect Your Data in a Work-from-Anywhere World

    Know the identity of whoever is accessing sensitive data at all times.

    Our one-time or continuous facial authentication confirms that an authorized user is "who they say they are".

    Ensure regulatory compliance from log on to log off.

    Know each remote user is complying with your select security protocols from log on to log off, including geolocation, IP, SIEM, etc. 

    Mitigate insider threats for the entire duration of a secure session.

    By combining person, device, and location as factors of authentication, the probability of malicious or accidental insider threats is vastly reduced. 

    Protect Your Hybrid Environment with Increasing Layers of Security

    Our configurable security controls can be applied to your VDI or sensitive websites, putting security at your fingertips. These controls are defined in a common control plane, managed by your organization, that facilitates VDI service providers (e.g. Azure, Citrix, AWS, Azure) and our secure web application.

    SessionGuardian allows security controls to be configured by a financial organization. This enables stricter controls as the sensitivity of the data increases.

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    Privacy-First Facial Authentication

    SessionGuardian’s facial authentication protects against financial data breaches in real-time while protecting employee privacy and enhancing your regulatory compliance posture. 

    SessionGuardian does not record or transmit video or audio—the only data transmitted and stored is a textual log to ensure you are audit-ready at all times. 

    Equip your financial services organization with the only technology that provides continuous or one-time facial authentication while protecting your users’ privacy—from log on to log off. 


    Key Use Cases for Financial Services Organizations

    Preventing unauthorized access to financial data is essential, and SessionGuardian can help. We enable you to limit access to your data by extending physical security controls to the hybrid working environment and allowing only authorized personnel from authorized devices in authorized locations. With SessionGuardian’s technology, you can secure: 

    • Remote trading environments
    • Remote wealth management transaction initiations by high-net-worth clients
    • Third party and offshore hybrid remote staff access
    • Privileged access management accounts

    Whitepaper Download: Securing Third Party Financial Services Organizations

    Your regulator is taking away COVID-19 accommodations and your outsource service provider wants to offer hybrid work options, such as remote or distributed workers accessing your applications and data. What protections can you put in place? This whitepaper discusses the advancement in software solutions that would allow hybrid working without losing the controls associated with a secure room environment—and without sacrificing regulatory compliance.

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