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    Sensitive Internal Investigations Need Powerful Document Security

    Almost every day there’s a new headline: an investigation into alleged fraud at a bank, a sexual harassment claim against a company executive, or a whistleblower report of suspicious business dealings.  

    Internal investigations that are necessary and appropriate to get at the facts involve the collection, analysis, and review of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of sensitive emails and documents. For a variety of reasons, this information needs to be kept from a vigorous press. 

    Countless security breaches and accidental or intentional document leaks leave high profile players and their attorneys exposed. The particular circumstances of internal investigations make attention to document security especially critical. 

    Enforce Need-to-Know

    It’s so important to control who’s receiving the notifications that an internal investigation is underway. Often the possible targets are not aware that the investigation is ongoing. It’s also vitally important to ensure that the details of an investigation are not leaked to the press, because the entire substantive matter will blow up — reputations, and perhaps even individuals’ liberty, is at risk. 

    What about a government or corporate whistleblower? You’ve seen the movies. Perhaps only some people in the company should be aware that an investigation is happening when some employees are collaborating and others are not. The cost of any information leak or breach can be catastrophic. At the very least, the reputation of the company, the law firm, and its consultants take a hit, suffering reputational damage that takes years to overcome.

    Damage Avoidance Made Easy

    A leak may not even be intentional or malicious. Consider how easy it is to accidentally enter the wrong email address. A simple human error results in exposure to someone outside the company that an internal investigation is happening. Spouses, roommates, nosy seatmates on the train or in a Starbucks can learn of headline-grabbing stories if care is not taken. It is critical to restrict document access to limited, specific people on the investigation team, some of whom work for the company and some who do not. 

    Security, Finessed

    You don’t need the headache, and you don’t have to suffer the risk anymore. A simple, elegant solution materially reduces the risk of leaks and breaches on many levels. Lock down the matter with Secure Matter Infrastructure (SMI), which provides layers of cybersecurity for your crucial document intensive projects.

    Restrict Email Access

    We don’t spend a lot of time considering it, but email is full of security gaps. SMI includes a secure, encapsulated email infrastructure that allows you to create a restricted email list. There is no way to inadvertently or intentionally send an email to the wrong party. You’ve shut down the bad actors as well as the people who meant no harm when they hit send too soon. And when the project or investigation is over, you have all the email and documents in one place, for sure. 

    Restrict Copy/Paste/Screenshot

    With a dedicated data security platform, you can stop anyone from copying and pasting documents, taking screenshots, and even allowing another person to look at the document on screen. You gain the flexibility to restrict access to just one user, a team, even a specific conference room. You can decide to allow access only at certain times of the day.

    Control Sensitive Data Now

    And when the matter is complete, access is revoked. The documents disappear or are saved as part of an official records retention policy. Can you say the same of your current network? It is reassuring to know that those who have access are the only eyes allowed.

    Enforce the policies that your firm or business has put in place, even beyond the boundaries of your network, 24 hours a day. Do you really know who is reading your most sensitive documents? 

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