SessionGuardian Verified as Citrix Ready

In a landmark achievement for SessionGuardian, our Continuous Identity Verification technology has been verified as Citrix Ready® and is part of the Citrix Ready Workspace Security initiative. The Citrix Ready Program identifies third-party solutions for customers that enhance Citrix DaaS and VDI, App Delivery and Security, and Content Collaboration and Work Management solutions. SessionGuardian completed the rigorous verification process to ensure compatibility with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, providing confidence in joint solution compatibility.

What Being Citrix Ready Means for SessionGuardian Clients

“As a Citrix Ready partner, the SessionGuardian solution has been integrated and validated by Citrix proving the solutions are compatible and complementary. This validation is critical because it’s no longer just SessionGuardian stating we can work with a certain company but proved true.”

— Keith Bowie, CIO, SessionGuardian

As a Citrix Ready partner, SessionGuardian assures their clients that the company’s AI-powered facial and object identification software has successfully passed a series of test cases as a validation criteria established by Citrix. Their technology not only works effectively with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service but is trusted and validated to do so.

“SessionGuardian enhances the security of the Citrix Workspace environment by continuous identity verification of the end user. There are many companies that utilize Citrix, but lack security,” says Leo.

SessionGuardian’s Continuous Identity Verification software addresses the security gap many companies face and protects against data breaches in real-time while protecting employee privacy. According to SessionGuardian CIO Keith Bowie, “SessionGuardian is unique in that we can tie a person to a secure session, and make sure they access only the workspace or apps assigned and continuously monitor access during that session.”

Not only does SessionGuardian’s solution benefit Citrix customers by bridging security gaps, but also is increasingly practical and beneficial for today’s work-from-anywhere world.

Being Citrix Ready in a Work-from-Anywhere World

“Remote working is here to stay. Ensuring that your staff can safely and securely access the necessary applications and data is paramount for organizations. Citrix Virtual Applications and Desktops service provide secure remote access to applications and workspaces and SessionGuardian’s software augments those security policies to ensure that the person accessing workspaces or applications is actually that person expected, by creating a secure biometrically controlled environment.”

— Keith Bowie, CIO, SessionGuardian

SessonGuardian’s software augments Citrix’s secure environment and ensures that the person accessing the data with traditional access credentials is actually that person, which is especially relevant for today’s work-from-anywhere world. Furthermore, once access has been granted, only the registered person can access and view the data and the data cannot be exported or copied from the secure session. By working closely with Citrix, SessionGuardian can control access at either the workspace or individual application level and make remote work secure. This is especially beneficial for access to sensitive data, and applications in regulated entities such as financial services and healthcare.

According to Bowie, an example of controlling access in an unsecured setting would be ‘hot desking’ or ‘hotel desking’, where people could sit anywhere in an office or by extension access their ‘desktop’ from home. The implication that, despite the flexible and good willed nature of many companies with a remote, hybrid, or distributed structure, data theft increased, at a high cost to companies. SessionGuardian’s continuous identity verification impedes on these attacks in a way that has become more valuable than ever before.

SessionGuardian Is Looking Toward the Future

Not only does their Citrix Ready status help SessionGuardian expand with superiority into the wider net of companies that use Citrix, but also sets the groundwork for future partnerships similar to the Citrix Ready Marketplace. The SessionGuardian leadership team looks forward to addressing security gaps in VDI/DaaS connections and making remote work secure.

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