Eliminate uncertainty around who is looking at your data.

SG VDI with Bagde-01

SessionGuardian VDI

for VDI/DaaS Environments

VDI/DaaS work isn’t secure unless it’s continuously secured. Protect against data theft by continuously verifying your end user, while respecting their privacy with GDPR-verified technology. Recognized by Gartner in the Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security, our flagship product secures virtual machine infrastructure and offers the highest level of continuous protection against data theft.

SG Web with Bagde-02

SessionGuardian Web

for Authorized Website and App Access

Restrict access to only vetted endpoints and reduce risk of data theft with our isolated browser software solution that is fully GDPR compliant. SessionGuardian Web is the world’s only secure browser that ensures total control over web-based application and website access.

Eliminate the human risk factor in cybersecurity

Your users are human—which means even the most well-intentioned people are capable of oversights that could put your confidential data at risk.

Our continuous identity verification software creates a safe zone around your user, proactively identifying and mitigating threats before they materialize. It also protects user privacy in accordance with GDPR to store and manage customer data with the highest standards of security and compliance.

Are your critical assets protected in today's work-from-anywhere world?

Prevent Shoulder-surfing

Prevent shoulder-surfing

Our continuous identity verification software blurs the screen if an unauthorized bystander enters your user’s workspace.

Prevent smartphone and camera photo

Detect and prevent the use of smartphones and cameras to take a photo of data

Not only does our technology disable screenshots and screen sharing, it also detects smartphones in your user’s workspace to prevent photo captures.

Detect user not present

Block the screen when user is not present

Our continuous identity assurance solution detects when the authorized user is not present and blocks the screen to prevent unauthorized viewing of data.

Security that doesn’t let its guard down—not even for a second

Unlike other security tactics, our continuous identity assurance software continuously ensures the user in front of the screen is the intended authorized viewer. Your confidential data is protected from log on to log off, with unmatched controls that help you avoid the costs, legal liability, and damaged reputation that come with a breach.


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