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    Intrepid Managed Discovery Partners with SessionGuardian

    With remote work on the rise, global reviews get next-gen security

    NEW YORKJuly 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Intrepid Managed Discovery today announced a partnership with SessionGuardian to elevate its Managed Review offering. Using a multilayered method, SessionGuardian provides a sophisticated virtualization platform built to securely administer and manage a remote review workforce.

    Intrepid’s litigation management services include digital forensics, data processing, hosting, and managed document review services to Am Law 500 and Fortune 500 companies with a focus on pharmaceutical, general patent, finance and regulatory matters. SessionGuardian's project-specific infrastructure provides powerful security for Intrepid’s customers with locked-down, scalable virtual workspaces.

    “Intrepid’s partnership with SessionGuardian ensures a high-performance, project-specific virtual service for the document review process. Sensitive data like cached documents, search terms, and custodian’s names stay within the secure virtualized environment,” said Jordan Ellington, founder of SessionGuardian. “We are committed to constant improvement of our cost-effective, cutting-edge technology solutions.”

    Parkash Khatri, founder and CEO of Intrepid, said, “COVID-19 has accelerated remote work in the legal sector and technology is the great equalizer of our times. A virtualized review center is significantly more scalable, practical and cost-effective for our clients. Our technology partner, SessionGuardian, enables us to deploy and manage a highly scalable, centrally-managed and independently audited secure review environment, allowing us to meet and exceed industry standards.”

    About Intrepid
    Intrepid Managed Discovery, Inc. simplifies management of the litigation life cycle by providing digital forensic, data processing, hosting, and managed document review services to Am Law 500 and Fortune 500 companies as a managed services partner. Intrepid’s process and technology portfolio leverages Agile Methodology principles and consists of services and resources that are highly scalable on demand. For more information, visit

    About SessionGuardian
    SessionGuardian was founded in 2017 to help legal, financial and life sciences organizations protect sensitive data with a transparent layer of security. SessionGuardian protects document reviews, investigations, translations, deals, audits, and any situation where organizations share extremely sensitive files with external users, while meeting stringent corporate IT and regulatory security requirements. For more information, visit or email Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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