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    Cognicion Picks SessionGuardian to Implement Secure Work From Home Document Review Platform

    Enhanced data management means greater security for domestic & international corporations.

    NEW YORK, April 17, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Cognicion, a leading eDiscovery provider, announces that it is working with SessionGuardian to increase the security of its expanded remote review workforce. SessionGuardian's multilayered approach to locking down confidential data allows Cognicion’s contract review teams to work securely in home offices when reviewing sensitive client information. 

    The relationship with SessionGuardian allows Cognicion to efficiently respond to current conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, SessionGuardian's project-specific infrastructure provides a long-term security boost for future document review with locked-down, scalable virtual workspaces.

    The nation’s largest law firms have mandated work from home policies during the pandemic. “It became more challenging to hire reviewers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area,” said Chris McDaniel, President and CEO of Cognicion. “Using SessionGuardian, we were able to safely and easily expand the geography of our remote workforce.” 

    Jordan Ellington, founder of SessionGuardian, adds that SessionGuardian works in concert to vanquish document review challenges. “There’s the technical infrastructure as well as the human factor. SessionGuardian is designed to prevent breaches from both external attacks and internal actions.” 

    About Cognicion

    Cognicion LLC is an eDiscovery and managed review provider based in Richmond, Virginia with additional managed review facilities in Delaware and Texas. Cognicion capitalizes on a deep understanding of evolving legal technology, contract compliance and information governance requirements to provide domestic and international corporations with defensible, repeatable data management processes. For more information, visit or email

    About SessionGuardian

    SessionGuardian was founded in 2017 to help legal, financial and life sciences organizations protect sensitive data with a transparent layer of security. SessionGuardian protects document reviews, investigations, translations, deals, audits, and any situation where organizations share extremely sensitive files with external users, while meeting stringent corporate IT and regulatory security requirements. For more information, visit or email Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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