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    InfoSec Risks During Coronavirus Quarantines

    Global organizations are implementing 14-day quarantine, or “quarantine at home” procedures for staff who have traveled to areas affected by the Coronavirus. These crisis response measures introduce new information security risks for organizations and their clients.

    Even the most prepared organization’s plans will be challenged by rapidly evolving scenarios which may include government mandated travel restrictions, quarantines or even sickness affecting staff of all levels including executives who may not be able to reach their place of work.

    Staff who weren’t previously cleared to work outside the office due to information security policies may find themselves in a quarantine scenario that pits business operations against policies that restricted access to sensitive information.

    Corporate IT departments will also be challenged to provide at short notice a scalable and secure remote computing environment that meets the organization’s security and data privacy requirements.

    Outside vendors such as contract attorney staffing agencies may also have staff that suddenly can’t reach their review centers due to quarantines, and then face similar challenges to deploy secure remote computing environments that meet their client’s security requirements without delaying document reviews.

    Secure Remote Work Environments Support Business Continuity

    SessionGuardian helps address these issues by extending a secure work environment to quarantined remote workers, thus helping balance information security compliance with the demands of urgent projects and of the business generally to continue operating as normally as possible.

    A global SessionGuardian client said, “SessionGuardian is an important part of our business continuity plan to protect highly confidential information when staff and contractors need to work outside the office on an as-needed, matter-specific basis.”  

    Total isolation of client data is critical on remote personal computing devices that may be compromised by malware. Screenshot prevention, data transfer restrictions (copy/print/save) and matter-specific email, help ensure access to confidential information without leaks.

    SessionGuardian can help reduce Coronavirus-related business disruptions by enabling staff from corporations, law firms and service providers to continue working remotely on sensitive projects while maintaining a strong security posture.

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