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    Are You Using The Right Tools for Secure Work From Home?

    Like most organizations, your workforce has shifted from the office to remote work from home. Due to the fast moving coronavirus, people all over the world are now working from remote personal computers. All of these changes occurred so quickly that there may not have been enough time to set up an ironclad security posture. IT departments are overwhelmed. Cyberattacks are up dramatically, according to a recent poll by CNBC.

    The protocols previously set up by your IT department work well within the confines of the building. Now that the staff is scattered, confidential information is flying free outside the firewall.

    You may be lucky, with a business continuity and disaster prep plan in place. Or you may rely on platforms that seem safe. But are they? If you’re using some of the most popular platforms, there’s a lot you’re missing.

    Prepare for remote work. Avoid negative consequences.

    When choosing a secure remote environment, make sure you have control over all possible scenarios. Don’t use company email for the most confidential data. Block screenshots. Ensure that the person with document access is the authorized employee. This is a time to take precautions. Lock it down.

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