Features That Define Our Privacy-First Facial Authentication Technology

10 Things You Did Not Know About SessionGuardian

Did you know SessionGuardian’s security solution allows authorized administrators to set working-hours restrictions?

You may want to restrict your users’ login hours to enhance your security measures. Or maybe you want to limit working hours to a specific number a week to keep your budget on track.

No matter the reason for working-hour restrictions, any authorized admin can set working hours with a few clicks of a button.

Did you know SessionGuardian’s security solution allows authorized administrators to set geolocation restrictions?

If your remote user tries to log into your system from an unauthorized location, their access will be restricted. When you need to demonstrate that your user logged into your system from a certain location, that record is available to you.

And if users attempt to use a VPN to bypass the restriction? Yes, we have that covered as well.



Did you know SessionGuardian has the ability to create timesheet reports?

Use these reports to populate a billing system. Or check the accuracy of manually submitted timesheets.

Checks and balances…We love that!

Did you know SessionGuardian does not store biometric information about its users? Ever.

SessionGuardian’s privacy-first solution is in compliance with privacy regulations worldwide. We pride ourselves on keeping your data as secure as possible without compromising your privacy.

Because at SessionGuardian, we care about your privacy.



Did you know SessionGuardian can perform third-party identity verification?

SessionGuardian uses identity documents from the onboarding process to provide total assurance that the user is who they say they are. And who you expect them to be.

We never store personal identifiable information, only the fact that the user was third-party verified.

Know your user, secure your data.

Did you know SessionGuardian ensures that your user logs in from a previously authorized computer that passes security requirements?

We not only make sure your user’s computer has antivirus running, but we’ll check that it’s up-to-date before granting your user access.

In addition, restricting a login to a specific PC makes it virtually impossible for user credentials to be used from an unauthorized location. Using verified computers ultimately lowers your breach risk. Makes sense, right?



Did you know SessionGuardian’s software can disable screenshots and screenshare?

Prevent accidental information disclosure by restricting users from sharing information on their screens during secure sessions.

Defeat malware that might be screenshotting confidential information and sending it to bad actors.

With SessionGuardian, your information and data is always secure.

Did you know SessionGuardian’s security solution has a “Restrict to Authorized User” setting?

This feature protects your confidential information by ensuring only authorized users have access to your information.

SessionGuardian... for your eyes only!



Did you know SessionGuardian’s security solution provides bystander detection?

When an unauthorized bystander enters your user’s workspace, their screen will blur. Prevent shoulder surfing and the accidental disclosure of confidential information.

Mitigate the risk of data loss.

Did you know SessionGuardian’s security solution watermarks company documents?

Create custom watermarks across your users’ computer screens to safeguard your information from bad actors. Add watermarks to your sensitive documents and communications to increase your security posture and improve your protection against data loss, financial liability, and damaged reputation.

Keep security straightforward.