Discover the world’s first and only continuous identity verification for legal at Legalweek 2022. Visit SessionGuardian at Booth 2309 to discover next-generation technology for secure source code review and secure document review.

    SessionGuardian gives you the ultimate confidence that your distributed workforce is secured against today’s breach and data loss threats.

    Seamlessly integrate custom security protocols

    Upgrade your technology without a time-consuming or expensive overhaul of your existing infrastructure—we’ll integrate a solution that complements your workflow.

    Mitigate the risk of data loss

    Our multi-layer technology increases your security posture far beyond what MFA alone can offer, improving your protection against data loss, financial liability, and damaged reputation.

    Simplify compliance and audits

    Easily generate comprehensive activity reports and audit trails that exceed your industry’s compliance standards.

    Assert your competitive advantage

    Embrace the productivity of a remote or hybrid workforce and close deals with security-conscious customers.

    Always-on security for a work-from-anywhere world

    Displays data only when the authorized user is present

    via second-by-second identity verification

    Blurs the screen

    when a second party is present to prevent "shoulder surfing"

    Prevents screenshots and screen sharing

    to curb insider threats

    Detects mobile phones

    in the workspace with smartphone recognition software

    Watermarks company documents

    and communications sent from the virtual machine

    Easily generates activity reports

    and audit trails to demonstrate security of all endpoints

    Layer on protection — it’s easy with our flexible technology


    Giving leading organizations the tools they need to secure their data

    • Both the safety of our employees and the ability to meet our clients’ needs are at the forefront of our decision-making. Our global WFH infrastructure, assisted by SessionGuardian, allows us to accomplish both goals.

      Jamie Berry, Integreon

    • Using SessionGuardian, we were able to safely and easily expand the geography of our remote workforce.

      Chris McDaniel, Cognicion

    • Our technical partnership with SessionGuardian empowers our clients with best of breed infrastructure to offer a secure remote solution.

      Jonathan Rossi, The CJK Group

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