Your outsourced team wants to offer hybrid work options. What protections can you put in place? Download the eBook now.

    Improve your third party risk profile with best-of-breed continuous identity verification technology

    SessionGuardian helps Business Process Outsourcing companies (BPOs) protect their client’s data against breaches.

    Identity Verification for Distributed Workforces.

    70% of all successful network breaches start on the user’s device.1 As a BPO in charge of your client’s sensitive data, how do you mitigate breach risks that occur at the human endpoint? 

    Prove to clients that their information is safe by equipping your BPO with the only technology that provides continuous identity verification—from log on to log off. SessionGuardian’s software takes a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity, creating a new standard that ensures you have total control over who’s accessing your data and your client’s.

    51% of organizations have experienced a data breach caused by a third-party.2

    Assure Security-Conscious Customers That Their Data is Safe.

    Know each remote user is complying with your select 

    security protocols from log on to log off.

    Enable users to work securely on their own devices

    and save money on equipment.

    Authenticate your users with third-party identity verification

    using identity documents from the onboarding process.

    Set working-hours restrictions for gig workers

    to enhance your security measures and keep your budget on track.

    Restrict user access from unauthorized locations

    and demonstrate that your user logged in from that location.

    Prevent users from using a VPN 

    to bypass your geolocation restrictions.

    Protect Your Customers' Data Against Breaches

    As the traditional cybersecurity perimeter breaks down in today’s hybrid BYOD world, critical solutions like SessionGuardian exist to properly authenticate user identity, geolocation, and corporate-owned or personal devices.

    Whether your staff works onsite or offsite, increase your customers’ confidence in your BPO by implementing a solution that protects against remote-work and third-party risks.

    SessionGuardian offers a safer way for BPOs to handle data security.

    Data Breach

    Avoid legal penalties caused by data breaches.


    Reduce financial burdens and fines.

    Legal Penalties

    Stay compliant with data privacy regulations.

    Working with a BPO? Download Our Free Whitepaper

    Your regulator is taking away COVID-19 accommodations and your outsource service provider wants to offer hybrid work options. What protections can you put in place? SessionGuardian’s new ebook shares the advanced software solutions that enable physical security controls in a hybrid environment.

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