SessionGuardian Wins Prestigious 2024 RemoteTech Breakthrough Award for Best Secure Remote Access Solution

New York, NY[June 20, 2024] — SessionGuardian, a leader in secure remote access technology, is honored to announce that it has been recognized as the Overall Remote Work Security Solution of the Year at the 2024 RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards. This accolade celebrates SessionGuardian’s commitment to advancing cybersecurity in remote and hybrid work environments by both employees and third-party contractors.

Why SessionGuardian Stands Out


As businesses increasingly adopt remote work models, securing sensitive data against unauthorized access has become paramount. Traditional security measures often fall short in providing the necessary protection for remote interactions, particularly in high-compliance industries.


SessionGuardian secures remote access with continuous facial recognition, ensuring that only authorized users can access and view sensitive information throughout the access session. In addition, SessionGuardian prevents the capture of data including photos of the screen where data is viewed. Our technology integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures, providing a robust layer of security without disrupting user experience.


Our solution uses biometrics and AI to monitor and authenticate user identity in real-time throughout an access session, providing an unprecedented level of security. This prevents data breaches and meets stringent compliance standards required in financial services, healthcare, legal, and government sectors.


With SessionGuardian, setting up is quick and maintaining security is effortless. Users can start a secure session with just a few clicks, without the need for complex configurations or cumbersome security steps.


Designed for organizations of all sizes, SessionGuardian is scalable, accommodating the growing needs of global enterprises and startups alike. Whether you are managing ten users or ten thousand users, SessionGuardian delivers consistent, reliable security.


The RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards, known for its rigorous evaluation process, recognized SessionGuardian among over 1,300 nominations from various countries. This award highlights SessionGuardian's innovation and effectiveness in a category filled with notable competitors.

"SessionGuardian has set a new standard for secure remote access, ensuring that remote work does not compromise data security," said Jordan Ellington, CTO and Founder. "Our innovative use of biometric technology to safeguard sensitive information is a game-changer for industries where security is not just a necessity but a mandate."

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