SessionGuardian Recognized in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Endpoint Security Two Years in a Row

New York, New York (JANUARY 11, 2023) SessionGuardian, the leader in continuous identity verification for hybrid teams working with sensitive data, has been recognized in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security, 2022. Appearing in the innovation trigger, SessionGuardian is a Sample Vendor in the VDI/DaaS Endpoint Security category for the second year in a row.

SessionGuardian provides unified security across VDI and web applications that addresses the rise in remote-work and third-party risks. The company’s technology ensures that only authorized users, in approved locations, and on healthy devices can view an organization’s sensitive data while also preventing shoulder-surfing and mobile phones taking photos of the screen.

According to Gartner, VDI/DaaS endpoint security provides “Additional security between the underlying device and the VDI or DaaS session.”  Gartner further says, “VDI and DaaS security tools add user validation and session auditing. This technology helps prevent and counteract these security shortcomings on managed and unmanaged devices.1” 

SessionGuardian enhances security controls across identity vulnerable access points with the only technology that enables you to truly know your user with one-time or continuous facial authentication and context-specific security layers. The company also provides the same functionality directly within web apps for organizations that do not use VDI solutions.  SessionGuardian implements these security controls while promoting user-privacy by design and is compliant with all major global data privacy regulations.

“We are thrilled that Gartner has recognized SessionGuardian for the second year in a row,” says Jordan Ellington, SessionGuardian Founder and CEO. “SessionGuardian provides bulletproof authentication of your users — regardless of whether they work in-office or off-site, whether you allow BYOD or not, and whether you use virtual environments like Citrix and VMware or access sensitive data directly from a non-VDI browser.”

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 1. Source: Gartner, Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security, 2022, Franz Hinner, 19 December 2022    


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SessionGuardian’s cybersecurity solutions protect sensitive assets from data theft by ensuring only authorized users access the data. As the new standard for access control and authorization, SessionGuardian’s technology secures hybrid teams and third parties, who access highly sensitive information. Only SessionGuardian provides total assurance that the person in front of the data is who they say they are. SessionGuardian pioneered the development of continuous identity verification technology and provides a preemptive, zero-trust approach to cybersecurity.

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