Protecting Regulated Data: How Organizations Are Fortifying Cybersecurity in a Work-from-Anywhere World

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    According to a recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute and publicized via Security Boulevard, 53% of organizations have experienced one or more data breaches caused by a third  party, costing them an average of $7.5 million to remediate. The same survey finds that over half of organizations are not assessing the security and privacy practices of all third-parties before granting them access to sensitive and confidential information. 

    As organizations see their cybersecurity perimeter break down through both remote work and digital interconnectedness with their supply chain, a company’s cybersecurity resilience is only as  strong as their weakest link. Ensuring that your and your third party’s cybersecurity standards are  up to date is an increasingly important job for cybersecurity teams. The modern security team needs to monitor continuously across an increasingly large vendor ecosystem (including shadow IT) while not restricting the flexibility of their business to operate efficiently. 

    With an outside-in perspective on your cybersecurity health and vulnerabilities and an inside-out perspective on your user’s identity, companies can better protect regulated data from third party  risks in a work-from-anywhere world. 

    Security Ratings for Third-Party Vendors

    SecurityScorecard Security Ratings offer businesses the ability to detect and understand consistent, data-driven ratings of third-party vendors and partners. In addition, SecurityScorecard can independently assess the security posture of business partners, so access controls can be secured and monitored far before they are in the wrong hands. With an inside view of third-party risks and insider threats, Security Ratings make it possible to secure and maintain a zero-trust  strategy for any organization. 

    Organizations with an F Rating have a 7.7x higher likelihood of sustaining a breach compared to organizations with an A. Rated companies that are invited to the platform with low security grades (C, D, or F) typically exhibit on average a 7 to 8 point improvement within 3 months, while the average score of unengaged companies remains relatively unchanged over the same period.

    Security for Workers Outside of Your Perimeter

    SessionGuardian offers the only biometric identity solution that continuously authenticates users, from log on to log off. In today’s work-from-anywhere world, 9 out of 10 organizations have experienced a data breach, and 70% of security breaches originate at the end user1. The perimeter is breaking down, and it is no longer an option to simply define your corporate network with firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs). The prevalence of hybrid work, bring-your-own device culture (BYOD), and third-party vendor ecosystems is changing the cybersecurity landscape and calls for additional security for workers outside of your perimeter.  

    Protecting your data against remote-work and third-party risks can start with adopting modern identity and access management solutions that take a Zero Trust approach. By operating on the principle of least privilege, Zero Trust solutions ensure that no one accesses regulatory data without proper verification. That means all workers outside of your traditional network—including third-party partners—cannot be trusted with data until they are verified.  

    Work-from-anywhere imposes new risks on organizations, but solutions exist to mitigate these threats. By applying access control solutions like SessionGuardian’s continuous identity verification technology, organizations can protect their regulated data from the breach risks that  start at the human endpoint. Critical solutions like SessionGuardian exist to properly authenticate user identity, their geolocation, and their corporate-owned or personal devices to protect regulated data from data theft. 

    Outside-In and Inside-Out Security: Better Together 

    Deploying both outside-in and inside-out cybersecurity measures like SecurityScorecard and SessionGuardian is the best way to manage the new security risks of partner and user access in a work-from-anywhere world. 

    SessionGuardian starts from the user and looks outward. The Continuous Identity Verification solution locks down the human endpoint by using AI-powered facial recognition, nine additional layers of security, and world-class worker privacy safeguards to keep your data secure. 

    SecurityScorecard looks at your business from the outside-in. It provides a comprehensive view of your own cybersecurity posture as well as 360 degree visibility into the risk profile of each of your 3rd parties, allowing your team to implement enhanced security measures for high-risk vendors and partners. 

    Together, these technologies provide the complementary outside-in and inside-out strategies  you need to mitigate your risk of data breach.


    1 Source: Most Organizations Have Experienced a Breach in the Past One to Two Years


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