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    Integreon Provides Enhanced Global Remote Work Solution During Coronavirus Pandemic, Leveraging SessionGuardian Data Security Platform

    March 19, 2020 08:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

    FARGO, N.D.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Coronavirus has drastically changed business on an international scale. In response, Integreon, a global alternative legal services and business managed services provider, announced today that the company has enhanced its ability to service clients remotely by offering a highly secure work from home (WFH) environment. This environment continues to provide all of the security, productivity, and quality Integreon clients have come to expect. As part of the WFH solution, Integreon has partnered with SessionGuardian, leveraging its data protection platform to globally enable employees to securely provide services while working from home or other remote locations.

    Integreon’s services require employees to access sensitive and highly confidential data in connection with litigations, cybersecurity incidents, and compliance inquiries. Anticipating the potential impacts of the Coronavirus on its global workforce and the downstream effects on client service and delivery, Integreon mobilized to create a comprehensive WFH solution that meets its clients’ rigorous standards. Enabled by SessionGuardian, Integreon is able to continue delivering to clients who allow remote work the same quality, productivity, and security clients have come to expect from its delivery centers in the US, UK, India, and the Philippines.

    Integreon’s state-of-the-art WFH infrastructure, coupled with SessionGuardian, offers enhanced security features such as detailed reviewer activity logs and use of best practices security configurations including data encryption at rest. The platform also provides all necessary infrastructure for Integreon reviewers to effectively conduct their work, while clients are assured that informational artifacts such as cached documents, search terms, and custodian’s names are never downloaded to local computers.

    Business continuity is a priority for Integreon and data security is paramount to its clients. Integreon’s WFH solution, with SessionGuardian, extends a secure work environment to home-based employees so that Integreon’s services can continue operating “business as usual.” This approach to working remotely significantly reduces Coronavirus-related business disruptions and enables staff to remain working on sensitive projects while maintaining a strong security posture.

    “Integreon is assertively meeting the needs and challenges of serving clients during the Coronavirus pandemic,” said Jamie Berry, Executive Vice President and Head of Integreon’s Legal Services Business Unit. “Both the safety of our employees and the ability to meet our clients’ needs are at the forefront of our decision-making. Our global WFH infrastructure, assisted by SessionGuardian, allows us to accomplish both goals.”

    “We are so pleased that Integreon will use SessionGuardian to ensure security, accessibility and business continuity for its global client projects,” remarked Jordan Ellington, founder of SessionGuardian. “The Coronavirus pandemic makes home-based work an essential part of doing business. Our technology powers proactive companies like Integreon.”

    About Integreon

    Integreon is a trusted, global provider of award-winning legal and business solutions to leading law firms, corporations and professional services firms. We apply a highly trained, experienced staff of over 3,000 employees globally to a wide range of problems that require scale and expertise, enabling clients to become more operationally efficient by streamlining operations, maximizing investment and improving the quality of work they provide their end clients. With delivery centers on three continents, Integreon offers multi-lingual, around-the-clock support, as well as onshore, offshore and onsite delivery of our award-winning services. For more information about Integreon’s extensive range of services, email, visit and follow Integreon at LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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