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    Former Gartner Analyst and Cybersecurity Pioneer Joins SessionGuardian’s Advisory Board

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2021

    SessionGuardian, an industry leader in endpoint security for distributed workforces, announced today that Rob Smith, former Gartner analyst, has joined the company’s advisory board.

    “We’re pleased to welcome Rob to our board,” said Jordan Ellington, CEO and Founder of SessionGuardian. “It’s an honor to have a globally recognized expert in endpoint and remote security on our team to help us maintain our leading position in the cybersecurity industry.”

    Mr. Smith currently provides advisory and consulting services to multiple internet security vendors, including SessionGuardian. Previously, he worked at Gartner for eight years. As the senior director analyst, he advised on endpoint security, digital workplace infrastructure and operations, security and risk management, and infrastructure security. With a career spanning 33 years, Mr. Smith has also founded and/or co-founded four companies.

    During his initial advisory meetings with SessionGuardian, Mr. Smith identified the company’s unique positioning in the cybersecurity landscape—VDI/DaaS endpoint protection. Recognizing the company’s ability to prevent breaches through persistent biometric user authentication during remote sessions, their innovative software is the only product that eliminates uncertainty around who’s viewing your data. Rob now joins the advisory board to help SessionGuardian keep their edge in this emerging tech space.

    “I’ve seen hundreds of cyber security products, and SessionGuardian is the only one that utterly eliminates uncertainty about who is viewing your data. It's a total evolution in data protection for companies with remote workers, and it arrived just in time to combat increasingly sophisticated attacks that MFA alone simply can't defend against. SessionGuardian adds the final layer of security that IT leaders have been demanding," said Mr. Smith.

    Mr. Smith’s addition to SessionGuardian’s advisory board affirms the company’s mission to pioneer software solutions that mitigate risk and create limitless opportunity for the evolving global economy.

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    SessionGuardian is a software development company with proven success in the endpoint security landscape, with a focus on organizations navigating the risks of a distributed workforce. SessionGuardian pioneered the adoption of persistent biometric technology and offers a preemptive, zero-trust approach to cybersecurity, empowering organizations to operate fearlessly in the evolving global economy.

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