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    Cybersecurity Must-Reads: March Roundup

    Get up to speed on the latest cybersecurity news.

    Alarming Cybersecurity Stats: What You Need To Know For 2021 [Forbes]

    The current state and future outlook of cybersecurity in numbers.

    White House Weighs New Cybersecurity Approach After Failure to Detect Hacks [New York Times]

    Hacks on Microsoft Exchange servers and SolarWinds encourage the US Congress to partner with the private sector for cybersecurity solutions.

    The Evolution Of Cybersecurity In 2021 [Forbes]

    5G, PaaS, SaaS, DevOps, and WFH are dynamically changing the nature of cybersecurity.

    Cyber crime – the risks of working from home [Deloitte]

    A survey of 1,500 Swiss residents shows how COVID-19 and WFH necessitate a need for better cybersecurity.

    The Jaw-Dropping Range of Cybercrimes is Due to the Gap in the Cybersecurity Workforce [Entrepreneur]

    The prevention of human myopia, negligence, and lack of training are the best tactics to prevent cybercrime.

    Cybercrime could cost $10.5 trillion dollars by 2025, according to Cybersecurity Ventures [CNBC]

    Cybercrime is a massive threat to the world, its markets, its businesses, and its people, from the perspective of cybersecurity experts and politicians.

    In-House Counsel Face Growing Privacy, Cybersecurity To-Do Lists [Bloomberg Law]

    How legal officers and legal technology are preparing protect privacy laws and combat cyberthreats.

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