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    The Alternative to Return to Office (RTO): Extend Physical Security Controls to Hybrid Work Settings


    Organizations can save up to $11,000 per employee by providing flexible work policies that allow employees to securely work from anywhere.

    Discover how enterprises are saving up to $11k per employee with secure remote work. Download Use Case

    The Challenge

    ADP Research Institute reports that 64% of the global workforce has either looked for a new job, or would consider finding a new job, if their employer asked them to return to the office full time. Employers know all too well that employee turnover has expensive consequences. On average, the cost of losing an employee is equivalent to six to nine months of an employee’s salary, which for a highly trained position can be detrimental to a company in terms of financials and institutional knowledge.


    The Real Cost of Return to Office (RTO)


    of employees would rather quit than return to office full time.


    saved for every employee working 2-3 days remotely.

    6 - 9 months

    of an employee’s salary is the cost to replace them.


    of employees would rather quit than return to office full time.


    *Source: Global Workforce Analytics, numbers based on a 500-person company.


    Discover how enterprises are saving up to $11k per employee with secure remote work. Download Use Case


    Offering fully remote, or hybrid work models can save companies thousands of dollars. The research firm Global Workplace Analytics found that companies can save up to $11,000 for every hybrid employee, and up to $22,000 for fully remote employees. These savings come from smaller office square footage as well as increased productivity and lower absenteeism and turnover. 

    While offering remote or hybrid options has proven to reduce employee turnover and save companies thousands of dollars, it also exposes the organization’s data to risks associated with unmanaged environments. What protections can you put in place to retain employees and save money while protecting sensitive data?

    Secure Hybrid Work with SessionGuardian

    For compliance, legal, financial service, and banking organizations experiencing high attrition rates, there is an alternative for return-to-office mandates. Advanced software solutions like SessionGuardian allow hybrid working without forfeiting the controls associated with a secure room environment. Instead of forcing employees back to the office and risking attrition, spend a minimal amount per employee on enterprise technology that provides a viable alternative to returning to a physical work environment, without sacrificing regulatory compliance.

    SessionGuardian reduces the risk of unauthorized access to the data by limiting access to only known personnel on approved devices and approved locations, thus extending physical security controls to the hybrid working environment.


    SessionGuardian Benefits

    SessionGuardian’s security layers, such as shoulder surfing and mobile phone detection, GPS-based geolocation, device integrity verification, allowed/unauthorized applications, and facial authentication, prevent malicious or accidental activities that lead to data theft, fraud, data leakage, and IP misappropriation.  

    Meet Compliance Requirements

    Prove you have the security to deliver financial, legal, and banking services remotely while maintaining anti-money laundering (AML) and regulatory compliance with SessionGuardian. Our software ensures that only authorized users on an authorized device from an authorized location can access a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or URL via SessionGuardian VDI and SessionGuardian Web. Knowing the identity of whoever is accessing that data at all times is key.  Our facial authentication technology can prove that an authorized user is ‘who they say they are’, while also providing geolocation restrictions.

    Reduce Risk of Data Theft 

    Sensitive company data, such as financial, legal, and banking information, is a lucrative target for bad actors. Many cybersecurity policies require personally identifiable information (PII) access from CCTV-secured rooms. SessionGuardian is an alternative to clean rooms and on-premises access and can help prevent data theft and leakage in work-from-anywhere contexts. SessionGuardian also adds additional security layers to your on-premises or clean rooms. Our technology includes screenshot and screenshare prevention, mobile phone detection, and configurable watermarks. These are just a few of our context-specific security layers that prevent data exfiltration to a personal email, mobile phone, or downloads. 

    Prevent Accidental Data Leakage

    Insider threats are a significant issue for any organization. This is especially true when facing the repercussions of noncompliance. By combining device, person, and location as factors of authentication, the probability of malicious (credential sharing or shoulder surfing) or accidental (transfer of private data) insider threats is vastly reduced.


    Discover how enterprises are saving up to $11k per employee with secure remote work. Download Use Case

    Key Use Cases

    Securing hybrid, distributed workforces across VDI and web access points is essential, and SessionGuardian can help. We help you prevent unauthorized access to your data by extending physical security controls to the hybrid working environment. With SessionGuardian’s technology, you can secure: 

    • Business process outsourcing (BPO) and third party access

    • Banks and financial services companies accessing data remotely

    • General remote access to sensitive data

    • Law firms and legal organizations

    • AML compliance organizations

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    About SessionGuardian

    SessionGuardian is the leader in identity access control and authentication for hybrid teams. Our cybersecurity solutions protect highly sensitive assets from data theft by ensuring only authorized users access the data.


    Discover how enterprises are saving up to $11k per employee with secure remote work. Download Use Case

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