Secure your distributed workforce.

    In today’s work-from-anywhere world, 9 out of 10* organizations have experienced a data breach. Protect your regulated data with the only identity solution that continuously authenticates users, from log on to log off.

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    Remote work is not secure unless it is continuously secured.

    Your employees work from home, cafes, and unsecured office environments. No matter where they are, your data is safe with SessionGuardian.


    Zero Trust Cybersecurity

    Our technology prevents shoulder surfing, detects smartphone usage, disables screenshares and screenshots, and restricts transfer of data off the local machine via copying, printing, or downloading. Our zero trust approach preempts human risk factors before breaches can occur.

    Respect Worker Privacy

    SessionGuardian protects your data without sacrificing privacy. Our technology complies with GDPR and never records and never transmits user visuals. All authentication and text-based logs happen on the local device.

    Essential Security for Your Distributed Workforce

    SG VDI with Bagde-01

    SessionGuardian VDI

    for VDI/DaaS Environments

    VDI/DaaS work isn’t secure unless it’s continuously secured. Protect against data theft by continuously verifying your end user, while respecting their privacy with GDPR-verified technology. Recognized by Gartner in the Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security, our flagship product secures virtual machine infrastructure and offers the highest level of continuous protection against data theft.

    SG Web with Bagde-02

    SessionGuardian Web

    for Authorized Website and App Access

    Restrict access to only vetted endpoints and reduce risk of data theft with our isolated browser software solution that is fully GDPR compliant. SessionGuardian Web is the world’s only secure browser that ensures total control over web-based application and website access.

    Gartner® Recognizes SessionGuardian in the Hype Cycle™ for Endpoint Security Two Years in a Row

    Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop as a service (DaaS) solutions can be prone to breaches. That’s where VDI/DaaS endpoint security tools come into play.

    For the second year in a row, SessionGuardian has been recognized as a Sample Vendor for VDI/DaaS Endpoint Security in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Endpoint Security, 2022.
    To learn more about VDI/DaaS security, download the full report.


    Trusted by the World’s Most Secure Companies

    Join security-conscious organizations who already rely on our Continuous Identity Verification to protect their regulated data.

    • “Both the safety of our employees and the ability to meet our clients' needs are at the forefront of our decision-making. Our global WFH infrastructure, assisted by SessionGuardian, allows us to accomplish both goals. ”

      Jamie Berry, Integreon

    • “Using SessionGuardian, we were able to safely and easily expand the geography of our remote workforce.”

      Chris McDaniel, Cognicion

    • “Our technical partnership with SessionGuardian empowers our clients with best of breed infrastructure to offer a secure remote solution.”

      Jonathan Rossi, The CJK Group

    Protecting Data and User Privacy

    SessionGuardian closes the security gap while respecting personal privacy in compliance with GDPR. Continuous Identity Verification, combined with built-in privacy safeguards that are fully GDPR verified, has been recognized as the new standard in distributed workforce security.


    SessionGuardian Does Not

    • Record video or images of users
    • Transmit biometrics off of the local device

    SessionGuardian Does

    • Verify the user in real time via facial recognition
    • Create text-based audit trails and reports


    Learn more about our privacy-first facial authentication technology.

    Ten Layers of Security for a Work-from-Anywhere World

    Layer on security protocols that address remote workforce challenges. Protect each user continuously through second-by-second verification and select from ten optional security features to fortify your security posture like never before.

    PII Isolation from PC

    Copy/Print Download Restrictions

    Disable Screenshots/Screenshare

    Shoulder Surfing/Bystander Detection

    Smartphone Detection


    Application Blacklist

    Working Hours Restriction

    Audit Log Generation

    VPN Prevention and Geolocation Restriction

    Data theft by the numbers

    Remote work has increased the occurrence of breaches and the average total cost of a data breach. SessionGuardian is the only solution that targets distributed workforces and increases remote work security.


    of organizations have experienced a breach within the past two years


    of security breaches originate at the endpoint/user


    in added costs when remote work was a factor in a breach

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    SessionGuardian Recognized in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Endpoint Security Two Years in a Row

    SessionGuardian, the leader in continuous identity verification for hybrid teams working with sensitive data, has been recognized in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security, 2022.

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    Download the Alternative to Return to Office (RTO): Extend Physical Security Controls to Hybrid Work Settings

    Discover how enterprises are saving up to $11k per employee with secure remote work.

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    How to Implement Solutions That Enhance Organizational Security While Ensuring Data Privacy

    Current research indicates the primary causes of data breaches are due to human error. To fight this, companies are trying to implement comprehensive security measures, but face issues with these measures conflicting with user data privacy. This whitepaper details how SessionGuardian's security protocols adhere to data privacy regulations including Illinois' BIPA, California's CCPA and CPRA, the EU's GDPR, and Singapore's PDPA.

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